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Business Tax Planning & Preparation




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As a business owner, you make key decisions every day that affect the success of your business. Tax planning can be an important aspect of this decision making process. Throughout the cycles of entity selection, operational growth, mature market, and ultimate sale, transition or liquidation, our tax professionals can provide valuable insight into the tax and accounting aspects that affect your bottom line.  Our Firm gets to know your business and the tax regulations that matter.

Successfully piloting the ever-changing federal corporate tax landscape demands the assistance of an experienced, trusted advisor. DHG’s Federal Corporate Tax professionals help clients select and enforce strategies that promote growth and savings.

Tax preparation is more than complying with IRS filing dates. It is a year-round process that involves an in-depth understanding of enacted tax legislation along with anticipating changes in regulations that will affect your business. Our tax professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide your business through this process while maintaining compliance with regulations and filing deadlines.


Nonprofit Organization - 

As a nonprofit organization, your day-to-day focus is on adhering to the organization’s mission and serving the community.  Organizational planning, through budgeting and monitoring key factors, including but not limited to funding sources, ratio of program, fundraising, and administrative costs, along with other activities of interest to the public are critical to the successful operation of a nonprofit organization.

A vital component of all successful nonprofit organizations in communicating with the public is the Form 990, the Federal Exempt Organization Information return. Preparation and compliance are key to communicating this message and maintaining the organization’s nonprofit status. Accurate and timely reporting of the Form 990 can assist a NPO in accomplishing these goals.