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Religious Organizations

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Holyfield and Thomas, LLC provides audit, assurance, and advisory services to a variety of religious organizations in Palm Beach and surrounding Counties. Our firm was one of five professional accounting firms selected by the Dioceses of Palm Beach County to conduct specialized agreed-upon procedures to the various churches and schools within this Diocese. We also provide traditional audit and accounting services for a number of other prominent religious organizations (and related schools) in this area.

Our experience with religious organizations highlights the need for oversight and healthy internal control in an environment that often relies heavily on volunteer assistance. We understand the critical need to maintain the trust of the congregation and effectively and efficiently steward the assets of the organization.  In this regard, Holyfield & Thomas, LLC works diligently with the organization to develop safeguards and implement best practices in internal control policies and procedures.

If your organization regularly holds fundraising events or is considering a capital campaign, our team has extensive experience with the proper accounting and reporting of such activities.